Meet Dr. Korie Grayson

Dr. Korie Grayson received her Ph.D. in biomedical engineering and is now a postdoc research fellow at the University of Michigan. Click below to learn more about her unique science journey and how she uses #TeamKorie to advocate for minorities in STEM.

Meet Ms. Beth Weinstein

Ms. Beth Weinstein is an Observatory Manager at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Click below to learn about her experience working on the Earth Science satellite mission PACE and how her career has evolved over her 19 years at NASA.

Meet Mr. Shuai Liu

Shuai is a software engineer at Blizzard Entertainment, a leading developer in the video game industry, producing games such as the Overwatch and Diablo series. Click below to learn about Shuai’s experience working in many aspects of game development.

Meet Dr. Kate Tully

Dr. Tully is a Professor of Agroecology at the University of Maryland. Click below to learn about how one experience abroad led her into the field of agroecology, where scientists look at global agriculture systems through the lens of ecology.