Meet Dr. Jason Ernst Dr. Jason Ernst is an Associate Professor of Biological Chemistry, Computer Science, and Computational Medicine at UCLA. His research group’s interdisciplinary work focuses on using computational methods for understanding the human genome and interpreting epigenomic data. Interview With Dr. Jason Ernst Dr. Jason Ernst is an Associate Professor of Biological Chemistry,Continue reading

Meet Dr. Colleen Wilson-Hodge Dr. Colleen Wilson-Hodge is an astrophysicist at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. She is the principal investigator of the Fermi Gamma Ray Burst Monitor, an instrument that detects gamma ray bursts, which are powerful explosions in the universe. Interview With Dr. Colleen Wilson-Hodge Dr. Colleen Wilson-Hodge isContinue reading

Meet Dr. Maria Makarova Dr. Maria Makarova is the Founder and President of Mentoralia, a nonprofit organization in Mexico that teaches girls how to code and design mobile apps. She also runs a local chapter of Technovation Girls, an international program for young girls to apply computer science to solving social issues.   Interview With Dr.Continue reading

Meet Deanna Hood Deanna Hood is an Aussie electrical engineer whose work focuses on humanitarian applications of engineering and robotics, with projects spanning accessibility, education and healthcare. She currently collaborates with surgeons on the Ligō “skin-printing robot,” an application of 3D bioprinting in a medical device that will be used to treat burns patients. InterviewContinue reading

Meet Dr. Lauren Jozwiak Dr. Lauren Jozwiak is a planetary volcanologist at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) studying lava and magma interactions of various planets in the solar system. Dr. Jozwiak is a co-investigator of the VERITAS mission, where she will use radar to study volcanism on Venus. Interview With Dr. Lauren JozwiakContinue reading

Meet Kyle Retterer Kyle Retterer is the Chief Technology Officer at GeneDx, a genetic diagnostics company. Retterer has been with GeneDx for 11 years and has helped build the technological platform that enables geneticists to go from sequencing individual genes to performing whole genome sequencing. Interview With Kyle Retterer Kyle Retterer is the Chief TechnologyContinue reading

Meet Susan Boyne Susan Boyne is a pilot for United Airlines with 25+ years of flying experience. Boyne graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and currently flies the Boeing 787. She mainly pilots international flights and visits major cities such as Tokyo, Frankfurt, and Rome. Interview With Susan Boyne Susan Boyne is a pilot for UnitedContinue reading

Meet Dr. Osvaldo Gutierrez Born in Mexico, Dr. Osvaldo Gutierrez came to the United States initially as an undocumented immigrant. Today, he is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Maryland. His research group utilizes both computational and experimental chemistry to design systems and chemical methods to accelerate the development of new medicines.Continue reading

Meet Dr. Jennifer Perusini Dr. Jennifer Perusini is the founder and CEO of Neurovation Labs, a New York-based biotech startup. Neurovation Labs was born out of Dr. Perusini’s research, where she and her team discovered a brain biomarker that can be targeted to both diagnose and treat post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), revolutionizing mental healthContinue reading

Meet Dr. Yana Zorina Dr. Yana Zorina is a neurobiologist by training with a strong passion for the arts. Working in cell biology, she is often exposed to microscopy techniques and the beautifully complex structures that make up the mammalian brain. As the artist behind “NeuroBead”, she draws from her neuroscience knowledge to transform confocalContinue reading