Meet Lyla Atta: MD/PhD Student

Meet Lyla Atta Lyla Atta is an MD/PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins University. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at a lab that focuses on computational biology research. Her research is on developing mathematical tools that study how cells behave in response to disease and therapy. Interview With Lyla Atta Were youContinue reading “Meet Lyla Atta: MD/PhD Student”

Meet Diogo Guerra: Medical Illustrator

Meet Diogo Guerra Diogo Guerra is a medical illustrator based in Lisbon, Portugal. Applying his background from veterinary medicine school, he creates visual materials used in medicine, ranging from textbook illustrations to surgical procedures to data visualization. An advocate for science communication, he hosts seminars and workshops, which help those in the scientific community betterContinue reading “Meet Diogo Guerra: Medical Illustrator”

Meet Cynthia Johnson: Cosmetic Chemist and Entrepreneur

Meet Cynthia Johnson Cynthia Johnson is a cosmetic chemist and the founder of Cindy J Cosmetic Labs LLC. Her company specializes in custom formulation resources and services, including manufacturing, packaging, and consultation for small business owners and beauty brands who are starting hair care or skin care lines. Inspired to help others feel confident inContinue reading “Meet Cynthia Johnson: Cosmetic Chemist and Entrepreneur”

Meet Dr. Cameron McIntyre: Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Meet Dr. Cameron McIntyre Dr. Cameron McIntyre is a professor of biomedical engineering at Duke University. He studies deep brain stimulation (DBS), a neurosurgical procedure during which implanted electrodes assist brain activity. Connecting elements of neuroscience, entrepreneurship, and innovation, Dr. McIntyre works to develop novel DBS devices for clinical treatment of neurological disorders. Interview WithContinue reading “Meet Dr. Cameron McIntyre: Professor of Biomedical Engineering”

Meet Sabrina Thompson: Aerospace Engineer

Meet Sabrina Thompson Sabrina Thompson is an aerospace engineer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center with an education in atmospheric physics as well. As a flight and dynamics engineer, Thompson designs orbits and trajectories for space missions. She also develops technologies for spacecraft and small satellites and has been patented. With her love for art,Continue reading “Meet Sabrina Thompson: Aerospace Engineer”

Meet Camilo Rebelo: Architect

Meet Camilo Rebelo Camilo Rebelo is an award-winning Portuguese architect. After completing his studies at the Porto School of Architecture, Rebelo went on to teach at many institutions worldwide. His hundreds of projects explore the connected relationship between urban architecture and protected natural landscapes. His work has been recognized around the globe and in theContinue reading “Meet Camilo Rebelo: Architect”

Meet Dr. Nadine Caron: General Surgeon

Meet Dr. Nadine Caron Dr. Nadine Caron is a general surgeon, researcher, and professor at the University of British Columbia. A mother and outdoor enthusiast, Dr. Caron is also the first female First Nations general surgeon in Canada. Her current work centers around advocating for Indigenous populations and addressing inequity in healthcare.  Interview With Dr.Continue reading “Meet Dr. Nadine Caron: General Surgeon”

Meet Sam Wen: Engineer and Entrepreneur

Meet Sam Wen Sam Wen is an engineer and entrepreneur turned investor. After studying electrical engineering in college, he co-founded Block (formerly known as Square), where he built apps, hardware, and infrastructure to empower commerce. Today, he is a venture partner at Green Visor Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in financial technology companiesContinue reading “Meet Sam Wen: Engineer and Entrepreneur”

Meet Dr. Ani Manichaikul: Statistical Geneticist

Meet Dr. Ani Manichaikul Dr. Ani Manichaikul is an associate professor in the Center for Public Health Genomics at the University of Virginia. She uses her training in biostatistics to identify regions of the genome and certain DNA variants that would predispose people to disease risk. In particular, Dr. Manichaikul works to improve genetic riskContinue reading “Meet Dr. Ani Manichaikul: Statistical Geneticist”

Meet Dr. Jason Ernst: Computational Biologist

Meet Dr. Jason Ernst Dr. Jason Ernst is an Associate Professor of Biological Chemistry, Computer Science, and Computational Medicine at UCLA. His research group’s interdisciplinary work focuses on using computational methods for understanding the human genome and interpreting epigenomic data. Interview With Dr. Jason Ernst Dr. Jason Ernst is an Associate Professor of Biological Chemistry,Continue reading “Meet Dr. Jason Ernst: Computational Biologist”