Our Mission

STEM to the Sky is a student-led organization with a mission to help middle and high school students discover and explore the vast array of careers, fields, and opportunities relating to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by interviewing professionals in STEM about numerous aspects of their work. In addition, we strive to showcase diversity not only in terms of careers but also in terms of people as we advocate for a more equitable STEM community.

Each interview will give you an exclusive peek into the unique career of a STEM professional. By sharing these inspiring stories, we hope to increase the transparency of careers in STEM, bring awareness to fascinating science, and empower all students in pursuing their own STEM journeys!

Meet the Founders

Aileen Qi

Aileen is a high school junior from Maryland passionate about neuroscience and synthetic biology, hoping to pursue medicine in the future. With STEM to the Sky, she hopes to make insights into STEM fields more accessible to middle and high school students worldwide while highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of many of these careers. Outside of STTS, Aileen loves reading scientific nonfiction and creating short films. 

Annie Gao

Annie is a high school junior from Maryland interested in physics, engineering, and computer science. In founding STEM to the Sky, she hopes to increase the accessibility and transparency of interdisciplinary STEM pathways for middle and high school students. She is excited to use STTS as a platform to showcase STEM professionals and to empower the younger generation to explore their interests. Beyond STEM, she enjoys running, journalism, and baking.

Board of Directors

Grace Wu

Graphic Design Director

Grace is a high school junior from Maryland. She is interested in computer science, in particular, machine learning and data science. She thinks it is highly important to educate others about the fields of STEM while advocating for women in STEM education, which is why she loves working with STTS. In her free time, she enjoys playing competitive club volleyball as well as playing piano. 

Sari Hirata

International Marketing & Outreach Director

Sari is a high school senior from Sapporo, Japan. She found her passion in STEM through her biology class and through attending local medical school lectures. She is particularly interested in medicine and biomedical engineering, hoping to address the inequalities in access to healthcare in the future. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball, reading books, and restaurant hopping.

Sophia Ge

Content Development Director

Sophia is a high school freshman from Maryland interested in biology and computer science. She had always thought that there was no common ground between her varied interests, but interacting with STTS revealed many interdisciplinary career paths she had not previously considered. Outside of STEM, she enjoys playing tennis and piano, as well as listening to Taylor Swift and baking (aka nearly burning down her kitchen).

Ryan Hukom
Interview Director

Ryan is a high school senior from Toronto, Canada interested in biomedical engineering and human anatomy. His passion for STEM was developed from exposure to different career paths through programs held by universities across Canada. Ryan hopes to use STTS as a platform to reveal the diversity in STEM to middle and high-school students. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, cooking, and exploring different genres of music. 

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