Our Mission

STEM to the Sky is a non-profit organization that strives to help middle and high school students discover and explore the vast array of careers, fields, and opportunities relating to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by interviewing professionals in STEM about numerous aspects of their work.

Each week’s interview will give you an exclusive peek into the unique career of a STEM professional. By sharing these inspiring stories, we hope to empower the younger generation in pursuing their own paths in STEM!

Meet the Founders

Aileen Qi

Annie Gao

Aileen and Annie are rising sophomores in Montgomery County, Maryland. Together, they founded STEM to the Sky as a way to increase the transparency of the wide range of paths and possibilities in STEM, making information and advice from professionals in these fields more accessible to middle and high school students. From a young age, they have been deeply curious about STEM. However, they were never exposed to what these professionals actually do in their careers on a day-to-day basis. Upon reflection, they realized the need to create a platform that provides insights into STEM careers from the professionals themselves. As middle and high school students begin to think about further pursuing their STEM aspirations as careers in their futures, it is incredibly important to raise exposure to the possible paths they could go down to allow them to discover or confirm their own interests. Through sharing the stories of STEM professionals, Aileen and Annie hope to empower the next generation of young thinkers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.