Our Mission

Founded in August 2020, STEM to the Sky (STTS) is a student-led 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping middle and high school students explore careers, fields, and opportunities relating to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by interviewing professionals in these fields about aspects of their work and experiences. STTS also strives to promote diversity, not only in terms of careers but also in terms of people, as we advocate for a more equitable STEM community.

Each interview will give you an exclusive peek into the unique career of a STEM professional. By sharing these inspiring stories, we hope to feature the endless possibilities of careers in STEM, spotlight cutting-edge science, and empower all students in pursuing their own STEM journeys.

Meet the Founders

Aileen Qi

Aileen is a high school senior from Maryland passionate about public health, neuroscience, and synthetic biology. In founding STEM to the Sky, she hopes to make insights into STEM fields and pathways more accessible to middle and high school students worldwide. She also strives to shed light on the interdisciplinary potential of many of these careers. Outside of STTS, Aileen loves playing tennis, reading scientific nonfiction, and creating short films. 

Annie Gao

Annie is a high school senior from Maryland interested in physics, engineering, and computer science. She founded STEM to the Sky with a vision of giving back to her community through interviews with those in the STEM profession. She hopes to create a free platform that shares direct insights, experiences, and resources with students all around the world, empowering others to pursue STEM. Outside of STTS, she enjoys running, reporting for her school newspaper, and baking cakes.

Board of Directors

Grace Wu

Graphic Design Director

Grace is a high school senior from Maryland. She is interested in computer science, in particular, machine learning and data science. She thinks it is highly important to educate others about the fields of STEM while advocating for women in STEM education, which is why she loves working with STTS. In her free time, she enjoys playing competitive club volleyball as well as playing piano. 

Sari Hirata

International Marketing & Outreach Director

Sari is a college freshman majoring in Environmental Science at the University of Tokyo. She found her passion in STEM through her biology class and through attending local medical school lectures. She is particularly interested in the interactions between the environment and medicine as well as biomedical engineering. In the future, she hopes to address the inequalities in access to healthcare. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball, reading books, and restaurant hopping.

Ryan Hukom

Interview Director

Ryan is a college freshman from Toronto, Canada interested in biomedical engineering and human anatomy. His passion for STEM was developed from exposure to different career paths through programs held by universities across Canada. Ryan hopes to use STTS as a platform to reveal the diversity in STEM to middle and high-school students. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, cooking, and exploring different genres of music. 

Anagha Bhuvanagiri

National Marketing & Outreach Director

Anagha is a high school junior from Maryland. She is interested in the cross-section of computer science and biology, specifically disease biology, and aspires to work in some field of computational biology in the future. She discovered her passion for STEM after joining a STEM magnet program in middle school and has been passionate about STEM since. She thinks that it is crucial to promote the transparency of various STEM careers, especially for students like her who grew up with minimal exposure to different STEM careers. In her free time, she enjoys exploring new music, trying new foods, and hanging out with friends.

Effie Fillas

National Marketing & Outreach Director

Effie is a high school senior currently attending Dominican Academy High School in New York City. Her primary field of study is concentrated in neuroscience and biochemistry. She is particularly interested in the dopamine system in the brain and its correlation to drug abuse, addiction, and pleasure. Through STTS, she hopes to assist in opening opportunities in STEM to others, especially women. Effie’s social interests include playing basketball and piano, as well as researching topics that pique her interests.

Amanna Mbagwu

Finance Director

Amanna is a high school senior attending St. Timothy’s School in Maryland. She is interested in physiology and biochemistry and is passionate about STEM because it allows her to help people and promotes change in our world. Specifically, the fight against discrimination based on race/orientation in healthcare interests her and is something she has been studying on her own. She has always wanted to be a part of something that promotes change through education which is why she is passionate about STTS. She enjoys dancing (ballet, hip hop, tap, contemporary), playing ice hockey, and learning new languages. She is currently advanced in Spanish and intermediate in Korean.

Sophie Jones

Content Development Director

Sophie Jones is a high school senior from New York City. She has always been passionate about the STEM field, specifically in sports medicine and psychology. As a high level competitive gymnast, she enjoys learning about the human body and mind and hopes to pursue a career working with athletes in the future. Outside of STEM, she spends her free time baking, exploring the city, and seeking new restaurants to visit.

Christina-Panagiota Tsingi

Content Development Director

Christina is a high school senior from New York City interested in biochemistry. Her love of STEM developed from watching strong female scientists, like her mom, and the wonder of their discoveries. She is a strong believer in exposing the diverse career paths that the STEM field has to offer to women and immigrants. Through researching and sharing discoveries in the STEM field, she hopes to spark an interest in STEM in others and express the connection between STEM and other fields. Beyond STEM, she enjoys competitive dancing and traveling.

Hannah You

Video Production Director

Hannah is a high school sophomore from Maryland passionate about mental health and psychiatry. She strongly values equity in the STEM field and hopes to be a part of making STEM more accessible to the general population. In her free time, she loves to read just about any genre!

Linkai Wu

Web Development Director

Linkai is a high school senior from Maryland interested in computer science, engineering, and design. Ever since being introduced to coding in grade school, he has been passionate about technology and its applications in solving problems in the world. He is glad to forward STTS’s mission to inspire individuals to pursue diverse career paths and enable them to impact the community. In his free time, Linkai enjoys making cool things with code, playing video games, and he’s also interested in getting into filmmaking.

Vijay Shanmugam

Web Development Director

Vijay is a high school senior attending Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland. From a young age, he has been passionate about computing and its potential to solve important problems. He is particularly interested in space based remote sensing and artificial intelligence. Through STTS, he hopes to expose opportunities in STEM to a broader audience. In his spare time, he enjoys reading science fiction, playing squash, and spending time with friends.

Team Members

Graphic Design
Grace Marshall

Grace is a high school junior in Kitchener, Canada. She is interested in the environment and climate change as well as graphic design. She feels it’s crucial that youth are educated on the variety of different careers involving STEM, and has already learned a ton from STTS alone. In her free time, she loves to draw, sing, and spend time with cats.

Aditya Das

Aditya is a high school senior from Maryland. From early on, he found his passion for STEM through watching science documentaries and participating in robotics teams. He loves engineering and physics and hopes to bridge the socioeconomic education gap. In his free time, he loves to paint, play piano, read, and listen to music.

Mariam Helal

Mariam is a high school junior from California. Her favorite subjects include physics, geology, and chemistry. Her main STEM focus is planetary science, a discipline that combines all of her favorite fields and more. After discovering STTS and their interview videos on youtube, Mariam was inspired and wanted to join STTS so she could do the same for others. In her free time, Mariam enjoys gardening, cooking, and crocheting.

Marketing & Outreach
Sanghyun Kim

Sanghyun is a high school senior studying in Osaka, Japan. He was born in South Korea, but moved to Japan at the tender age of 100 days. After half-heartedly choosing electric circuits as the topic for a 4000 word research paper he was forced to do, he developed an unexpected interest in electrical engineering. He is passionate about STEM as he believes harnessing our knowledge of the physical world for our own benefit is extremely rewarding and essential. When he’s not studying, Sanghyun likes to play instruments, play sports with friends (although he is not very athletic), and debate about theoretical physics. 

Content Development

Sasha Syrkina

Sasha is a high school senior interested in medicine, especially immunology and oncology. She attends an international school in Sapporo, Japan but is originally from Russia. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball, reading, and trying to get through the list of movies that she keeps meaning to watch. She is passionate about STEM because she feels that it is a crucial part of the foundation of today’s society, especially medicine and technological aids. However, there are many issues with the accessibility of these fields, as well as a conflict of interest when it comes to providing health care and technology to people and places that are not as privileged. She hopes that in the future, she will be able to contribute to solving that problem.

Isha Omer

Isha is a high school senior from North Carolina. She’s primarily interested in biology and aspires to pursue a career in medicine. Her passion for STEM bloomed through taking part in activities such as cancer research at East Carolina University’s School of Medicine. Through STTS, she hopes to increase the reach of STEM and broaden its horizons. Outside of STEM, she loves playing piano, listening to classical music, and writing poetry.

Abril Xu

Abril is a high school sophomore from Pennsylvania. She has been interested in STEM for as long as she can remember and plans on pursuing cognitive science in the future. In particular, she wants to expand the different ways the study of the brain can intersect with and improve other fields. By joining STTS, she hopes to share and spark that same passion in others. In her free time, she enjoys making art, reading short story collections, and listening to Phoebe Bridgers.

Ana Kanazir

Ana is a college freshman at the University of Maryland, College Park, where she plans on majoring in bioengineering. She is passionate about STTS and strongly believes in highlighting the undeniable contribution of minorities to the STEM field of work and in empowering people to realize their passion for STEM. She values the importance of building an accessible platform to increase awareness of the opportunities relating to STEM and to inspire individuals so that they may leave a beneficial impact on our world. Outside of STEM, she enjoys traveling, baking, listening to music, dancing, and photography.

Sophia Ge

Sophia is a high school sophomore from Maryland interested in biology and computer science. She had always thought that there was no common ground between her varied interests, but interacting with STTS revealed many interdisciplinary career paths she had not previously considered. Outside of STEM, she enjoys playing tennis and piano, as well as listening to Taylor Swift and baking (aka nearly burning down her kitchen).

Eirene Mehta

Eirene is a high school sophomore from Toronto. She’s loved mathematics from a young age and her interests now mainly lie in physics. She joined STTS to share her passion with the community. In her free time she enjoys portrait drawing.

Cici Zhu

Cici is a high school junior from Ontario, Canada. They’re passionate about STEM because they love the field and its potential to improve the lives of people, and they aspire to become a biomedical engineer in the future. In their free time, Cici enjoys drawing, reading, writing, and playing the piano.

Newman Waters

Newman is a college freshman at the University of Florida, Gainesville from the USA/Indonesia, and he is planning on majoring in electrical engineering. He is passionate about STTS because he believes that it is extremely important to empower more people to follow their desires and passions in STEM. He greatly recognizes the importance of spreading awareness and giving people a place to be inspired to go further in their own life. Outside of STEM, Newman enjoys playing guitar, traveling, rowing, and listening to music.


Linnea Anton-Williams

Linnea is a high school sophomore from Maryland. They are interested in the intersection between humanities and STEM, specifically how arts and media can be used to make learning about prevalent STEM issues more accessible. They hope that through STTS, they can continue to learn more about the ingenuity of scientists today, especially in relation to global warming and urban development, in addition to opening their eyes to interdisciplinary STEM careers. Linnea enjoys playing piano, reading and writing poetry, watching old Knight Rider reruns, and working out.

Marin Suzuki

Marin is a high school junior from Fukuoka, Japan. She is interested in chemistry and biology and hopes to pursue a career where she can help people through medicine. She found her passion in STEM through engaging in STEM-related summer programs. She hopes to use STTS to promote the beauty of science to a wide range of students. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball and basketball, watching Grey’s Anatomy, and cooking.

Video Production

Rabira Dosho

Rabira is a high school sophomore in Maryland. He is interested in biology and aspires to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. He is passionate about STEM for its ability to change the world through research and application. He joined STTS to help showcase the different ways students can get involved with STEM. Rabira enjoys spending time with family and friends, tutoring students, participating in biology competitions, and editing videos/journalism. 

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